Holygram-Modern Cults Review


“Into The Void,” comes in with distorted amplification, and slowly builds into a nice chaotic rhythm, easily shaping the listener for the future that is about to arrive. “Modern Cults,” is a brutal and barrelling symphony, built on a dark bass riff and set with the chaotic fringes. “A Faction,” revels in obscurity whilst also bringing something sinister in the melodies. “Signals,” another dark and brooding song, backed with a fantastic bass riff. “Dead Channel Skies,” a song that has echoes of the eighties club scene, brilliantly executed. “Hideaway,” ambient noise set to the backdrop of chaos.

“Still There,” a rocker on the backdrops of something obscure, with promising melodies. “Odd Neighbourhood,” is another song that leads the way with some interesting arrangements and frizzing here and there. “She’s Like The Sun,” a song that builds on one end and moves to another. “Distant Light,” a chaotic and frantic song. “1997,” ambient and grooving.

The album is out on 9th November via SPV/Oblivion.