Hitten-Twist Of Fate Review


Take It All begins with the guitars in a minor harmonic duel, battling it out over who will dominate, when the song truly kicks in the riffs are fierce, the vocals soar and the band sound on fire. Final Warning has a swagger to it, found in the core of the riff, and exemplified by the vocals, that carry just a hint of warning. Twist Of Fate is a rocker, fast, furious and burning with energy. Flight To Freedom is high energy music, a riff carried on the back of a monster melody, and the vocals truly add some serious depth to things. Svccvbvs is energetic, starting off slowly and building into a huge finish.

Evil Within pounds its way into the listener’s attention, a furious riff and some snarling vocal performances ensure that the listener really has to pay attention to this monstrous song. On The Run is an interesting nod to the melodies and grooves of old school metal, dancing and swaggering about, ensuring that there is power in the delivery. In The Heat Of The Night is another song that delivers punches and aggression ensuring that the listener is never left contemplating what might have been. Rocking Out The City is good old fashioned rock and roll, dancing and swaggering through. Heroes is an interesting divergence, slower, more groove orientated but with the same heart and energy as the rest of the album.

The album is out 14th September via High Roller Records.