Hidden Lapse

Hidden Lapse-Butterflies

HL Butt Cover.jpg

“Dead Jester,” starts things off for Hidden Lapse, a chaotic guitar lead and a frantic riff melody mesh together, to create something pure and energetic. A brilliant opener. “Third,” has that solid piano based intro that makes the listener immediately stand up to attention, whilst the guitar riffs that come in are a solid and powerful. “The Letter 0,” is a magnificent travel into the mind of madness, flailing around with chaotic precision and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. “Stone Mask,” is a soaring masterpiece, mixing different elements together and ensuring the listener is hooked. “Glitchers,” sonically is very different to the other songs on the record. Starting with that darkened instrumental move, it soon progresses into lightness.

“Grim Poet,” ventures one way and then the next, veering off into chaos and light. “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome,” pokes and prods and eventually produces something quite interesting with a darkened take and light within. “Cruel Enigma,” is a darkened slab with light thrown on for good measure. “Dust,” slowly moves without.

The album is out on 31st May via Rockshots Records.