Herman Frank

Herman Frank-Fight The Fear


“Until The End,” is a riff monster. There are huge riffs floating around in all the right places, bringing with them some serious groove and merit. “Fear,” is a pounding rocker, with some seriously clinical melodies. “Terror,” slow groove and ominous with powerful arrangements. “Sinners,” a fast rocker, with Judas Priest vibes. Rocking. “Hatred,” another riff monster that delivers a solid thump to the senses. “Hail & Row,” a deliverance into darkness and heaviness galore. “Hitman,” a thundering song with all the right elements of greatness, down from the plains and up from chaos.

“Stay Down,” fast and furious with the driving riff to add to it. “Rock You,” has that added edge with power and might. “Don’t Cross The Line,” is thick with added bass and classiness.  “Are You Ready,” another rocker with the added drive and push. “Wings of Destiny,” continue down the pathway producing something quite intriguing and melodic. “Lost In Heaven,” a fitting finisher, dark, relentless and powerful.

The album is out now via AFM Records.