Hellish-The Spectre Of Lonely Souls Review

hellish 2 cover.jpg

Rising begins with a piano intro, that lulls the listener, or creates a sense of tension as to what is coming next, truly it is one of the most interesting intros to come out of the music scene in recent years. The Night is fast and furious, with pounding guitar riffs and drum beats, the vocals sneer and snarl. The Screams Come From Inside has some seriously melodic guitar overlays, as the vocals snarl into life, it then turns into all out moshing. The Curse Upon Us is fast, jagged, dimensional and something that is sure to breed people into life when performed live. Souls of Desolation is slower, terrifying in its sheer instrumentation and complexity, varying tempos and melodies.

Only Death thunders into being, with dancing riffs and snarling drums and vocals. The Walker of Shadows is pain brought to life, snarling desperate vocals and searing guitar work combined. Sacrifice builds into outrage and heaviness, gradually, and comes down like a hammer. Bloody Tales grooves, shakes and shimmers, bringing heaviness and groove.

The album is out on 27th July via Unspeakable Axe Records.