Haiduk-Exomancer Review

“Death Portent,” barrels in, snarling and snaking along with grace and power. “Unsummon,” comes in diverging from this way and that, with interesting melodies and a little bit of a snake bite. “Evil Art,” another fast paced song that trills and tremolos right and left. “Subverse,” travails through. “Icevoid Nemesis,” the best song on the record, the melodies shift and change and the guitars work their way into perfection. “Doom Seer,” is angry and aggressive, filled with rage and power.

“Pulsar,” moves with the beat. “Blood Ripple,” combines aggression and grit together into one unstoppable force. “Once Flesh,” snarls. “Crypternity,” finishes things off nicely with a little stop and start.


The album is out on 17th October.