Gunjack-Totally Insane Review

Gunjack - Totally Insane

Hailing from Italy, Gunjack bring the groove and the heaviness of classic Motorhead and the slick production of Motley Crue to the fore on their new album Totally Insane.

Starting with 4B4Y, it is clear that the band mean business. The song is pounding, fist pumping and brutal. A slab of  booze fuelled metal. Totally Insane the title track is a mosher, fast paced, with headbanging rhythms and riffs, a song that is sure to get people moving. Black Mark is pulsating, moving and shaking, with thrash sensibilities, that make it one of the most intriguing songs on the record. Bloodbath is fast, hammering and to the point. Into The Fire is moving, the guitars soar and snarl, whilst the vocals are bullish as ever. This is a song that is sure to bring something more to the live show.  Seven is a battering ram to the face. Full on and filled with energy, the riffs move, the vocals bite and all seems to move and slither through.

Old Guard has elements of classic Motorhead, with a slithering riff, and a snarling vocal line, a song that is sure to get people moving. Cry Of Demon is a slow build, centred around a big riff, with moving and shaking parts in the rhythm section, a song that reaches a crescendo and never lets go. Iron Cross is an onslaught, pure metal, from the get go, the riffs pulsate with energy and the vocals snarl at you. Mr Daniels is punk, with fast riffs, and spitball phrases that wouldn’t make sense if they were in any other song. A fitting closer, and an apt message statement.

The album will be about on 22nd May via Sliptrick Records.