Guardians Of Time

Guardians Of Time-Tearing Up The World Review


“Tearing Up The World,” title track and an absolute blinder to start things off with. It comes barrelling into being with a thump here and there, blinding melodies and riffs, a solid deliverance. “Raise The Edge,” a swirling pool of thunder and crazy riffage, a classic in the making. “We’ll Bring War,” a rocker with the serious thunder of guns and rage, a true note of power. “Burning of Rome,” shakes and shimmers with energy and power, dancing on the floor with grace and class. “Kingdom Come,” another song that veers into heavy metal territory with precision and grace, dancing around with fire and energy. “Valhalla Awaits,” another song that sings and grooves with the best of them. The bass plays the lead here.

“Brothers Of The North,” is anthemic from the get go, bringing some fascinating melodies and changes with it and ensuring that the listener does not think for a moment that the band has forgotten their epic roots. “Light Won’t Shine,” another rocker, and one that grooves and shimmers with power and swagger. “As I Burn,” another song that feels the heat and grooves with the best of them, delivering power and grace. “Drawn In Blood,” slowly builds to crescendo, bringing shimmer melodies and aggression to the fore. “Masters We Were,” a brilliant soul busting jam that rages and grooves with power.

Tearing Up The World is out on 19th October via Rock of Angels Records.