Greenleaf-Hear The Rivers Review


“Let It Out,” pounds into being, with a solid bass line and a brilliantly executed drum pattern, the guitars set things into being nicely as well. “Sweet Is The Sound,” is ultimate stoner rock, the guitars thunder into being, and the vocals dance alongside the pattern. “A Point Of A Secret,” has that destructive riff quality that makes it a stand out. “Good Ol’ Goat,” continues through the thunderous pattern as always. “The Rumble and the Weight,” snakes and slivers, driving the pattern through.

“We Are The Pawns,” contains some fascinating melodies and arrangements, that makes it different to previous songs on the record, and ensures the listener is fully engaged from the get go. “Oh My Bones,” cleans up nicely, delivering a thumping message to those listening. “In The Caverns Bones,” slows things down and then takes the bull by the horns. “High Fever,” energetic and filled with power and groove. “The Rivers Lullaby,” discordant and energetic.

The album is out on November 9th via Napalm Records.