Gravewords- Ruinous Ensoulment Review

gravewards cover.jpg

Intro is chaotic, a mess of sirens and ambulance and fan noises, feeding into the overlay that is next. Sworn In Denial is brutal, the riffs come tumbling out like some sort of machine, the vocals are snarls, disguised as pleasantry. Souls Twisted Beyond Recognition contains some heavy riffing, head bang worthy melodies interspersed with some serious bite and grit. Crypt Spawned Psychosis mixes interesting time signatures with some seriously bitey riffs, bringing an interesting dimension to things.

Deconstruction of Logic is fast, brutal and frenetic. Thresholds of Lunacy dance, slither and snake their way through proceedings, bringing interesting turns and chases throughout. Abyssal Soul Development slithers, shimmers and roars through its duration, bringing interesting riffs, and some heavy vocal ranges. Devoid of Life is fast, head pounding and snarling.

The album is out 27th July via Unspeakable Axe Records.