Grave Digger

Grave Digger-The Living Dead Review

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The legends return with a bounding opening track in Fear Of The Living Dead which delivers pace, bounce, speed and agility, showcasing why they are at the heart of their game. Blade Of The Immortal comes in with a barrelling riff, a snarling roar and some enticing lyrics. When Death Passes By is another song that showcases raw talent, with brutal riffs, and a pounding chorus. Shadow Of The Warrior another song that brings to light the talent of the band, starting off light, before moving into dark territory. The Power Of Metal is a riff monster ode to the genre. Hymn Of The Damned delivers a steely one-two punch to the gut.

What War Left Behind delivers something gritty and snarling. Fist In Your Face is a big middle finger to established trends, and is an absolute belter. Insane Pain another groover, bringing nice little tweaks and trends to the fore. Zombie Dance shifts and turns, allowing for a moment of reflection, but bringing in the nice little twists here and there. Glory Or Grave is another rocker, a fitting close.

The album is out on 14th September via Napalm Records.