Gory Blister

Gory Blister-1991.Bloodstained Review


Trails of Lies comes in thumping and blistering, darkness incarnate, shredding and snarling. 1991 Bloodstained pounds and moshes along its path painting the image of darkness. Mutable Past shivers, shakes, groans and growls. Anthropocene comes pounding in, in a dance of riff and drum, that catches the listener’s ear and makes them move with the music. No Shadow comes barrelling in right off the gate, sharp riffs, bouncing rhythms and some snarling vocals.

The Fraility of Life is similar, snarling, snaking its way through to an interesting mix of hunger, and solidarity. Mother is slow and haunting, tempting the listener to get their breath back, whilst all the while reminding them why that would be a terrible idea. My Insanity starts softly before barrelling into anger and rage, filled with darkness. The Last Call comes snarling out the gate,  the clean intro belies the anger and darkness that follows. Damage Inc is similar.

The album is out on 28th September via Mighty Music.