Godthrymm-A Grand Reclamation Review

Epic Doom Metal band Godthrymm have released a fantastic debut EP in A Grand Reclamation. The which is made up of several legendary doom players from the UK shines on this record, with their excellently produced songs and the right balance between heavy and melodic.

Starting with the subtle trade-offs in the guitars on the title track, it is clear from the get-go that the band are in for business. As the melodies give way to something darker and more sinister, the vocals kick in and create the eerieness and the darkness that we have all come to associate with doom metal. Sacred Soil is heavy from the off, a big booming riff, mixed with pounding drums and a solid element of anger within the vocals, makes this a song to keep an eye on for live performances.

The Pantheon mixes subtle hints of darkness, and melody together to produce an absolute masterpiece. The riffs are furious in their delivery, like sledgehammers coming down to nail a rather bad patient. The vocals soar through the melodies and the hooks. Forevermore is a softer more melodic outro and fits well with the ending of the record.

The album is out now via Transcending Records