God's Army

God’s Army-Demoncracy Review


“You Are You,”  sets the tone nicely, the energy grows. “Free Your Mind,” a rocker, an absolute belter with some serious jiving, the riffs are on fire, the vocals soar. “Enemy Maker,” another song that leads the way in power and growth, ripping the chord out and snarling its way to fruition. “Final Destination,” another song that veers this way and that, bringing the best of both worlds out onto the fore. “Games Without Frontiers,” another song that shimmers and shivers on the border between insanity and reason, with perfect mannishness.

“The All Seeing Eye,” another song that comes barrelling in with energy and grace, ensuring that that nobody feels as if they’ve been left behind, there is something for everyone here. “Before The Fall,” is a rocker, shredding to its heart’s content, and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. “The Replicant,” another song that veers this way and that, producing big hooks and serious melodies from the get go. “Heroes and Demons,” shifts the tone a little, bringing energy and verve, with a little grace thrown into the side as well. Ensuring that the listener is hooked. “My Way,” finishes things off nicely, well rounded and fiercely pushed.

Demoncracy is out on 12th October via Rock Of Angels Records.