Full House Brew Crew

Full House Brew Crew- Me Against You Review


“Cannot Be Judged,” opens things up, with a battering ram riff, dancing across the music and melody, combining things together and ensuring that the listener is immediately hooked. The vocal melodies add on a trace with groove and swagger. “Me Against You,” another barn stormer shimmering across the skies and taking the treks through. The vocals are a bite and a call to arms. “No One’s Safe,” a song that barrels into being with swagger. The riff is the hook and the vocals follow it with precision. “Hollow God,” is filled with brilliantly executed riffs, slowly building the tension up before making it  one hell of a groove. “Bury Me,” a song that is littered with power and grace, snarling around the barn.  “When I Crossed That Door,” slowly comes into life with an acoustic melody serenading the listener with crooning vocals and a powerful backing band.

“Hard To Tell,” a monster bringing itself backwards and forwards on the sly, picking things up and turning them around. The vocals are a bite to the neck and a charge to do more. “Not Again,” slowly grooves its way into being, swaggering and dancing around with power and might. “Bring The Chaos,” is destruction on the forefront, grooving and growling with power and menace. “Another Life,” drags and purrs bringing itself to conclusion nicely. “The Undisputed,” swaggers and powers through with grit and might, snarling along to the rhythm.

The album is out on 16th November via Rock Of Angels Records.