From Ashes Reborn

From Ashes Reborn-Existence Exiled Review

The Onerous Truth starts with the siren call, the piano work is exquisite, and ensures the listener is instantly hooked. Fight For Light is aggressive, angry and filled with ferocious riffs, to ensure the listener does not give into the passivity that might otherwise have come. Follow The Rising is a galloping masterpiece, roaring into life with a slingshot and rage. The Essence is a galloping, cavorting masterpiece, turning and twisting in equal measure.

Infected roars through, building on several elements, the galloping riffs, the biting vocals, and the snarling melodies. Existence Exiled is an intricate work of melody and darkness, producing powerful hits, one after the other. Homicidal is another monster of a song, producing snarling complexity. Splendid Path is a dance between madness and light, a fantastic close.