Freternia-The Gathering


One of the founding bands of Swedish Power Metal returns after 17 years of silence, and they return to bring about some serious edge.

“Intro,” is haunting and sets the scene quite nicely. “Reborn,” comes thumping in with a powerful and majestic riff, and a searing melody to really take the challenge to the listener. “Last Crusade,” comes barrelling down and soaring on the air. “The Escape,” another song that fitters and flits with might and grace. “In Solitude,” darker, heavier and more terrifying. “Eye The Shadow Of Your Sins,” another song that filters and moves with grace and might. “End Of The Line,” harmonious and graceful soaring through and darkening the edge.

“Fading World,” shifts and shimmers down the line, darkening the sky with might and power. “Change of Life,” shifts and turns, soaring and simmering and lighting the sky on fire. “Last Fragments of Sanity,” dark, orchestral, and something completely different, reinventing the wheel. “Dark Vision,” haunts the air and the sky. “Final Dawn,” takes a turn and makes it work with energy and aggression. “Age of War,” brings something seriously heavy forward.

The album is out on June 14th via Rock of Angels Records.