Frenzy-Blind Justice


“Blind Justice,” comes rip roaring into being, with some frenetic energy and a pounding melody. A brilliantly executed song that delivers some hardcore melodies and guitar riffs. “From Hell,” an anthem and a half, with some interesting dynamics that shift and turn, this way and that, producing something quite interesting. “Killing With A Smile,” is a heavy metal paradise. Some brilliantly executed riffs and an interesting vocal melody line. “Save Me,” is another anthem delivered with force and might, pushing boundaries and limitations. “Twilight Of The Sapiens,” is an interesting little venture, moving this way and that, and never quite producing the big oomph moment. “We Are The Future,” moves with power and purpose and ensures that the listener is captivated from the get go.

“Velocity,” a rocker that moves and shakes with the best of them. “Mad Ball,” another song that carries with it some interesting melodic potential, and delivers a bite and a bounce. “Waiting On Your Call,” another song that brings about ferocity and intensity. “Annihilated By My Sound,” a song that carries weight and intrusion to the fore. “Shred Or Die,” a song that brings power and might to the fore.

The album is out on 4th February via Underground Power Records.