Fragments Of Despair

Fragments Of Despair-Broken Lost Mistakes Review

Welcome To Reality comes in with some interesting guitar work, the riffs are jagged and filled with brutal precision, the song moves into a headbanging groove. Tormentor comes in with a thrashy riff, pounding the pavement and snarling its way into being. 300 Abominations continues this feeling, snarling into life and destroying the listener’s ear drums with how heavy it is. Unholy Soldier starts off slowly and with much disguising, before moving into some seriously heavy territory.

Kassandras Curse is a snarling monster, bringing darkness and rage to the fore, on the back of some serious heaviness. Broken, Lost and Mistaken dances through the groove, producing one big hit after another, and ensuring the listener is hooked. Ocean Of Tears is slower more melancholic and definitely reflective. Slaves of Our Youth snarls and dances across the stream, producing one big riff fest.