AOR is one of those rare breeds of music that either produces some great quality content, or content that veers abysmally. Forever is the former, great quality content with a strong hook.

“Anywhere You’ve Gone,” is a straight out anthem. Harmonised vocals, and some strong guitar work, brings a smile to this reviewer’s face. “Call Out My Name,” delivers some interesting rhythms, and definitely has an eighties vibe to it. “Got Me,” is a rocker, with that sliding riff and some interesting melodical choices. “Train,” brings in the eighties vibes hard. Some strong Bruce Springsteen melodies here and there. “Rosebud,” is a thunderous song, that produces some great melodies and some definitive sing along lines.

“Runaway Through Time,” strongly produces the riffs and the grooves that allow for some serious head bopping. “Hell To Pay,” another great lead song, which is sure to get the audience flying the flares when performed live. “Mayday,” comes in strong and continues down that path, throughout the light. “Blame Me For Trying.” a song that grows and growls. “Hope,” finishes things off with a nice little melody, venturing here and there.

The album is out on 19th April via Evil Confrontation Records.