Foredoomed-Ordeal Review

Origin is haunting, slithering and melodic, the perfect opener. Ghost Recurrence is brutal, progressive and slithering, with the right mix between absolute brutality and melody. Undawning shimmers between melody and darkness, with the riffs shifting as the tone dictates. Search For Tomorrow is heavy, built on a bone crunching riff, and some serious vocal chops. Dualism starts off clean before moving into overdrive, bringing shifting tenants and heaviness, building on something melodic and sharp.

Departure contains some elements of melody as the others songs did, it contains the same sharpening feeling, the acoustic guitar in the introduction really adds to this sense that something true and pure is building. A song of hymns and chants, a great breather. My Epigraph in Woe is filled with huge riffs, galloping along, snaking through and dancing to the corners of the listener’s hearing. The vocals snarl and growl, bringing the sense of enticement to the fore. Shade Of The Darker Sun gallops, shivers and snakes, producing some brutal metal, whilst the melodies soar and shake alongside it. Ordeal is the longest song on the record, it dances, shivers, shakes and generally produces some high moments, the perfect ending song.

The album is out now via the band’s website: