FM-The Italian Job

FM the italian job COVER CDVD HI.jpg

“Black Magic,” kicks off this live album and delivers something else entirely, showing that the band is clearly on another level. “I Belong To The Night,” is another barn stormer, simply beautifully executed. “Life Is A Highway,” gets the crowd going, and the band seem as if they’re on top form. “Let Love Be The Leader,” slows things down for a moment and then delivers the oomph. “Someday,” is a sparkling rocker, with the eighties written all over it. “Killed By Love,” a harmonising gem, with the yeah yeahs really leading the way. “Metropolis,” starts with the crowd singing the last song back, before moving into the real leading chart busters. “Over You,” is a powerful rocker, with the harmonised vocals really leading things.

“Closer To You,” a slower number, getting the candles going. “Does It Feel Like Love,” a song that shifts and changes, bringing about something new and creative. “Story Of My Life,” an interesting game changer, that brings something new to life, mainly power and might. “Love Lies Dying,” a slower more thoughtful number, leading reflections. “Bad Luck,” powerful and really allowing the guitars to show off and do their thing. “Tough It Out,” a dangling and damaging ranger that produces something magical. “That Girl,” a rip roarer and snorter. “The Other Side of Midnight,” an interesting and fitting closer.

The album is out on 22nd February via Frontiers Music.