Find Me

Find Me-Angels In Blue Review

“No Tears In Paradise,” is a fascinating groove and taste, bringing with it some interesting melodical ideas. “Chain Of Love,” is pure rock and roll, soaring and growing with patience and time. “True Believer,” is a thumping number, the synths and guitars really play well together on this one. “Straight For Eternity,” a song that is ballad and rocker mixed together. “Can’t Let Go,” another song that has it all, a brilliant melody, and some seriously sharp vocal lines. “One Last Kiss,” a ballad, with the piano works really shining through. “Living A Lie,” is powerful, dark and chaotic.

“Angels In Blue,” is another powerful groover, sneaking its way this way and that. “Show Me What You’d Die For,” is something else, a mix of eighties rock and roll with eighties pop sensibilities. “Waiting For A Lifetime,” is an anthem. “You Are The Only One,” is bombastic and beautiful because of it. “Desperate Dreams,” another slower one that fills the void. “Only The Lonely,” a searing rocker, that brings Whitesnake to the fore.

The album is out on 22nd February via Frontiers Music.