Final Coil

Final Coil-The World We Left Behind For Others

They’ve been called a heavier Pink Flloyd, they’ve been called the pioneers of the future of progressive rock and metal, and Final Coil are back with their new album to show that regardless of the labels, they are an out and out outstanding band.

“Ash’s,” starts things off with distorted feedback, and a clean arppegiated melody being played over the top. “The Last Battle,” starts with the pounding of drums. It moves into a sonic vibrancy that leads with the vocal melodies that really send chills down the spine of the listener. “Scattered Dust,” is heavy, the riffage takes the charge from there, and ensures that things are captivated from there, bringing about an interesting mix of melodical darkness and serious riff heaviness. “Take Me For A Walk,” continues this theme, slowly shifting and changing, turning into one and then another. “Empty Handed,” has classic slow drone riffs to bring about some fascinating turns and twists. “Keeping Going,” moves with precision and energy, ensuring the listener is hooked for days.

“Convicted Of The Right,” shifts and turns, bringing about an interesting complexity in the way the song is structured. it turns and stops, before gradually getting to a place where energy is elastic and powerful. “Ashes, Ashes,” is an interesting dynamic song with a powerful interlude, swinging one way and then another. “One More Drink,” brings sonic interludes to the fore, shifting and turning. “And I’ll Leave,” is guitar heaven, bringing things backwards and forwards on a fascinating riff pattern. “Imaginary Trip,” shifts and turns. “The World We Left Behind For Others,” dark and clanging, with a shifting melodical approach, gradually reaching precision.

The album is out on 12th April via Wormholedeath.