Fargo-Constellation Review


The hard rock legends are back with their first album in thirty-six years, and boy is it an interesting one. Starting with the riffage of Step Back its as though the listener is transported right back to 1982, as the band churn out a song that would dominate the charts back then and should rightfully do so now. Leave It is filled with rock and roll swagger, the guitars bring out the groove, and the rhythm section brings the beat. Mind Your Own Business is a rock radio classic in the making, the daily grind put into an interesting little ditty. Loser Blues are bluesy, with shredding blues licks and a howling blues melody to go with the overall feel.

Buzz Buzz has got some chomp, a lot of swaggers and a lot of bites, a brilliant swing into a new section of the album. Cross To Bear is suitably epic, the guitars sing and scream, the drums pound away and the vocals create the story that is building within the song. Don’t Talk has an element of the eighties rock setting, creating a happy go lucky atmosphere, whilst hitting home with driven guitars and vocals. Southern Breeze has an acoustic overlay whilst bringing the swagger of the Midwest, and it works incredibly well.

Boozie Vivienne is a rock, with solid biting riffs, and a thumping rhythm section it creates the bite and the chomp. What’s Wrong is classic rock with a tinge of modern-day inflexion. The guitars  are driving the song, whilst the vocals paint the story. Goddess of Destiny is solid and bluesy, a blinding song and one that makes the listener move in time with the beat. Good Night is an acoustic lament, or serenade, a brilliant closer.

Be sure to get the album  when it is released on 25th May via Steamhammer/SPV.