Exumer-Hostile Defiance

Exumer - Hostile Defiance.jpg

“Hostile Defiance,” is a riff sonnet, bringing the bounce and the pure energy and adrenaline to the shore. “Raptor,” keeps things up with the boundless energy and pace of the riffage. “Carnage Rider,” veers one way and then another, producing something vastly entertaining. “Dust Eater,” smashes and grabs with energy and might. “King’s End,” is pure thrash. “Descent,” slows things down all in preparation for the grand finale. “Trapper,” comes in with a solid hook and blow.

“The Order of Shadows,” veers one way and then another, slowly creeping up on proceedings until there is little else that can be said but wow. “Vertical Violence,” creeps and swaggers with one edge and then another solid blow. “Splinter,” smashes and grabs and then leaves the listener bleeding. “He’s A Woman, She’s A Man,” is humour set to a frenetic riff. “Supposed To Rot,” has pure swagger involved.

The album is out on 5th April via Metal Blade Records.