External-The Blurry Horizon Review

“The Escapist,” starts off with a clean intro slowly building toward something. The lead guitar parts are fascinatingly carved, shaping an appropriate message. When the vocals kick in, the song is appropriately epic and a nice interweaving melody between heaviness and clean. “I Through Eyes Can See,” bangs its way through something heavy and something serious, a snarling monster that carves perfection from nothing. “Parasight,” stops and starts, grooving from end to end.

“Rusting Out,” has an interesting divergence, shifting between tones and melodies, dancing on the sharpness of something both good and pure, whilst at the same time being evil and heavy. “Slave Of One’s Own Creation,” slowly jives into its area, building up to the point where the listener is automatically hooked when the heavy melodies begin to take hold. “The Beautiful Void,” a slower song, that mixes melodies on the acoustic guitar, with some fascinating vocal performances, ranging from a lilt to snarling performance.

The album is out now.