Evil-Lyn- Disciple of Steel Review


Hailing from Finland, Evil-Lyn have got an absolute corker of an album on offer with Disciple of Steel. Starting off with the frenzy of Survive the Night it is clear that Evil-Lyn mean business and that they’re going to be hitting the listener with a decent slab of metal. The guitars fire through the riffs and the drums beat a solid rhythm. Hellfire is rapid, the guitars and vocals shine quite prominently on this song, and ensure that it will be a fan favourite when played live. Last King of Thunder is epic, the riffs are solid, chunky and metallic, the vocals are soaring, the drums are pounding. Title track Disciple of Steel sounds straight out of the eighties, shredding guitars, screaming vocals, a brilliant mix of everything that is fabulous about metal.

Tengel is an Iron Maiden inspired number, with galloping riffs, a fierce beat and solid vocals, the song screams live favourite. Iron on Iron is epic, the guitars crunch, the drums pound and the vocals soar, scream and modulate between different variations. Shadow Soldier is slower, more reflective, dark and brooding. The instrumentation fits well with the overall theme of the song and allows the vocals to truly shine through. Valley of the Dead Witch is the final song on the record, it is a classic number, moving through hard pulsating rhythms, fast crunchy tones, screeching vocals, baritone esque vocals and overall pulsating metal.

Be sure to get the record when it is released on 25th May via No Remorse Records.