Evil Conspiracy

Evil Conspiracy-Evil Comes

Evil Conspiracy - Evil Comes.jpg

“Dogs of War,” comes barrelling in, it is a truly critical masterpiece in the framework of the wider song. Simply executed with brilliance. “When Evil Comes To Town,” continues the onslaught, bringing with it, some smashing and grabbing, a brilliantly executed song. “We Rise,” has little bits and pieces, here and there that display just how on point it really is. “Demons on Speed,” is fast and furious, delivering a sharp break neck riff. “Endless Darkness,” is slow, intimidating and sometimes downright terrifying, built on the back of a masterclass of a bass riff.

“Golgatha,” is another song that inspires both terror and dread. It weaves its way internally and then spreads through the system. Breaking wind and new ground at all times. “Pagan Curse,” is fast and furious and another song to add to the armoury. “Violent Intent,” a breakneck song that delivers melody and speed in one fell swoop. “Resurrection.”  a absolute speedball of a song. “Down To The Lord,” keeps things interesting, slow at first before gradually moving with ease to take down the elements.

The album is out now via Sliptrick Records.