Eufory-Higher and Higher Review

Eufory - Higher And Higher.jpg

The Slovakian metal bruisers are back with a new album.  This time they truly mean business.

Dragon Hearts is epic, from the way the guitars build up anticipation and create melody to the way the vocals dance in and out of the licks and melodies being created, truly a brilliant way to the start the album. Louder dances through, from melodic acoustic shred to all out metal, within a few short breaths, the range displayed by the band here is truly impressive and is surely deserving of masses of praise. Karmic Eyes is darker, more surreal than the previous songs, carrying a weight to it that had previously gone unconsidered. What a Shame! Is slower more direct, and definitely one of the heavier songs on the record, bringing proper aggression to the fore. On A Pyre is reflective, evoking images of someone considering their last moments, some perfect work by the band there.

Dancing Star is grooving, heavy and something that could very well get a lot of people moving when performed live. Soldier From Beyond is heavy, the riffs are precise and like a hammer to the face, the rhythm keeps the song going as the vocals soar to ever greater heights. I Want Out is brutal, fast and moving, and a great take. One More Fucking Time is heavy and ballsy a fitting closer.

The album is out on 29th May via Sliptrick Records.