Estate-Mirrorland Review

Estate Cover.jpg

Mirrorland is the second album of this epic metal group Estate, recorded between 2015 and 2017, the album is a step up as far as things go, from their first album, with heightened production and higher quality songs.

Starting off with the title track, Mirrorland has a chunky heavy riff that brings the head banging movement to the fore. The keys and the symphonic elements complement the song nicely, and the vocals are on point. The Ghoul is next and brings classical shreddage to the opening before moving into solid driving metal. Stolen Heart has that epic early 2000s rhythm vibe to it that keeps the listener hooked and as it progresses into progressive metal, things get quite interesting with the different melodies and hooks. Winter Kingdom, starts off with an acoustic intro with a melodic vocal melody, it then picks up the pace and moves into heaviness incarnate with duelling parts with a symphonic arrangement. Storm of the Age starts with a chorus arrangement, before moving into symphonic arrangements that really make the song stand out, bringing a huge sound to the album.

Knight of Hope is the next song on the record, and it starts with an interesting keys arrangement, followed by the drums, which create a sense of anticipation. When the guitars kick in with their exchange, the listener is left delighted and hooked on the song’s melody, a chance for hope in a dark world. Lady Wind is epic, the vocals and the guitars compliment one another very well, and there is a sense that there is something quite emphatic about the song. Silvery Skies starts off with the piano and guitar combination that makes one think that this will be the ballad of the album, and unlike other ballads, this one does not stray into sappy emotional territory but keeps things sane. Matter of Time varies between quickly paced rocker, and slower more thoughtful epic tune, a good combination that keeps things interesting. Springtime starts off with an acoustic arrangement, that eases the listener into things, the song speeds up when the solo starts, making one think of Joe Satriani. It then goes full metal with the verses properly introduced, a brilliant song and closer to the record.

The record contains elements of everything that makes metal good, big vocals, solid guitar performances and an excellent rhythm section. Stand out tracks would be Springtime, Knight of Hope, Mirrorland and The Ghoul. Be sure to pick up the album when it is released on 20th April, via Mighty Music.