Era Capricorn

Era Capricorn-I Wander Alone Review

We Are The Capricorn starts off with a clean intro, creating the sense that something major is about to happen. That is rewarded when the guitars kick into heaviness overdrive, bringing their thunder and might to the scene. I Wander Alone is similar, soft intro, and heavy middle, the melodies interweave with one another to produce something magical. Wierdereinitt is discordant and filled with a sad sort of energy. Watch Me Burn is heavy, alternating between soft, and dark, to brooding and ballsy metal.

Embers begins with a piano introduction, before moving into heavier territory, brimming with confidence and a certain arrogance as well. Remember My Name is heavy, Black Sabbath heavy. And So I Ascend is filled with distortion, movement and weight. Ashen Grounds is filled with melody, and power.

The album is out now.