Ephyra-The Day Of Return Review

The title track is a galloping classic, with some serious snarling chops from the vocals. Your Sin is an interesting mix of dark snarling metal, and upbeat melodic vocals, the guitars chug along bringing some very interesting textures to the song. Run Through The Restless Fog dances, grooves and shakes through, bringing some interesting elements to the album, producing some very interesting melodies in the vocals. Wayfarer is a fast melodic journey through time and space, with some subtle hooks and variations. Sublime Visions is slower, more tribal, and an interesting divergence.

Being Human contains similar elements to Sublime Visions, with a definitive orient theme in the introduction, before getting heavier and serious kicking some arse. The Spirit of Earth dances and snakes through, with the guitars chiming and slithering together. Dance Between The Rocks is heavy, jagged and snarling. Infinite Souls is melodic, an upbeat chive, with seriously melodic vocals and quite the catchy hook line. True Blood is fast and heavy, a fitting closer.

The album is out now via Volcano Records.