Enemy Inside

Enemy Inside-Phoenix Review

Enemy Inside Cover.jpg

“Falling Away,” is haunting, the guitars jam their way right into the front, producing something chaotic and melodious. The vocals are perfection incarnate, leading the way with grit and power. “Bleeding Out,” a ripper of a song, consisting of the full package. Driving the day with a serious riff, and a monster of a vocal performance. “Phoenix,” the title track, is something else entirely. Beautifully arranged instrumental patterns combine with soaring vocals, to create the perfect picture and song. “Lullaby,” a song that has it all, punching riffs, snarling melodies and a soaring chorus. “Doorway To Salvation,” is epic, the piano melodies provide a nice interlude to the image that is coming with the vocals and the guitars.  “Angel’s Suicide,” is a dark one, driving the day with fascinating arrangements, all the while a path is carved through the streets of the listener’s mind.

“Death Of Me,” moves with great grift and power, the vocals are something else entirely, carving their own place within the stratosphere. “Oblivion,” a heavy song that is led by a guitar riff and melody combination that is quite catchy and infectious, the vocals shine through as they always do. “Halo,” a fast beating, riff belter, that snarls and gripes its way across the sonisphere, surely to capture the power of the audience interaction. “Dark Skies,” slows things down, bringing room for reflection and some momentary relief from the carnage that has preceded it. “Summer Son,” chaotic, heavy and melodic, all rolled into one and delivered with grace and power. “Doorway To Salvation,” another song that really gets going, delivering hit after hit, and ensuring that the listener is firmly hooked.

The album is out now via Rock of Angels Records.