Endless-Mad Sick Mind Review

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The slow ethereal beat of the introduction in Rebirth reels the listener in as they begin waiting and wondering anticipating something heavy. Destroy My Life comes in like a furnace with huge pounding riffs and screaming vocals that gets the listener moving. Suicide is chaotic and frantic the guitars and vocals play off of one another creating a song that is huge and anthemic. I Convince Myself Again is dark, the vocals are devilish and the guitars add to the horror show. Where Is Your God, is big, bold and demonic, the guitars build the horror show, whilst the vocals add to the sense of anger. Title track Mad Sick Mind is furious and frenetic, building chaos within and without. Part of God is slower more reflective, with the guitar solo adding melody and breathing space for the listener.

Memories Cut Skin Deep is an all out assault, pulsating with dark riffs and even heavier vocals a song sure to get people moving in the mosh pit. I Feel Nothing is slow, dark and depressing, the vocals are perfectly tuned to setting the scene. Inner Beast is filled with thrash riffs and pounding rhythms. Know Yourself is dark, chaotic, despotic and all out heavy. Last Dream is fast, changing pace quite quickly and ensuring that the listener is not able to get set into a groove easily. The Extinction Of Species is fast and brutal, a perfect way to end the album.

The album is out on May 31st via Necromance Records.