Emerald-Restless Souls


“Freakshow,” begins the new album by the classic metallers Emerald. It starts with a haunting little riff, played out on an acoustic guitar, slowly developing the winds and ensuring that the listener is keen to know more to see directly where things will go. It gradually gets heavier and heavier, moving into all out thrash territory. “Valley of Death,” is huge sonically. It moves with the wind, and brings about some interesting little tidbits in terms of melody, there is also the huge vocal arrangements. “Digital Slavery,” is another song on the record that contains some huge guitar arrangements. “Son of Sam,” is epic. “My Final Stand,” another song that produces awe and power. “The Wicked Force,” roars and growls with its riffs leading the way.

“Cad Goddeu,” thumps its way into being. Startling the scene and lighting the way through it all. “Restless Soul,” a song that produces some interesting arrangements. It shines and sheens throughout and produces some truly marvellous efforts. “Set Me Free,” slows things down, the acoustics take charge and ensure that the listener continues to venture this way and that. “Superhero,” is bringing the pain gains. “Heaven Falls Down,” snorts and growls. “Revenge,” big and bombastic.

The album is out on 17th May via Rock of Angels Records