Eliminator-Last Horizon Review


Born out of a desire to play live, Eliminator began when guitarists Jack and Matt met and Lancaster University and started jamming together. Motivated entirely towards the aim of live performances, the first incarnation of the band played their first gig in 2008.

Starting with the exchange of riffs in 2019, it becomes clear that Eliminator are in the business of showing their skills. They push through and deliver a brilliant opener, the vocals are great and convey an interesting story of what the future might look like. The Last Horizon starts with the guitar riffs up on high before moving into solid riffage territory and the stories keep coming, shaping a brilliant song. Echoes begins with an acoustic guitar melody, which continues as the song begins to play, and the vocals kick in and the guitars then get heavier. Procession of Witches is classic metal, with a solid lead intro, moving into driving riffs and a hammer to the face. A song that will get people moving.

Edge of a Dream is a trip, a moving song that has a variety of lairs, all of which bring something to the song. The galloping rhythm of the song in parts adds the feeling that this could be one hell of an epic number when played live. Fall of the Seer has Iron Maiden influences, the chugging gallop reminds the listener of Phantom of the Opera and other great numbers done in that vein. The lyrics are brilliant and fit perfectly with the song. Another great song. Pride and Ruin is a gallop meets sarcastic vocal lines, and the work fits perfectly with the overall theme of the album. Spoils of An Empire is the longest song on the album and is a perfect fit, a mix of epic riffs, soaring vocal lines and some interesting melodies, the perfect finish for the album.

Be sure to get the record when it is released on 23rd March via Dissonance Productions.