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Dungeon Wolf Interview

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  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?


Always knowing I was the greatest force for HEAVY FUCKING METAL on Earth and yet being locked away in the dungeon.  However, now the PROPHECY will be fulfilled.  Now I have arisen.  On Sept. 7th on Iron Shield records TRUE HEAVY METAL will be REBORN!!!!


  1. What themes are explored on Slavery or Steel and how did you decide on them?


I live in the USA with slave wages and no health care.  So I “explore” the theme of revolution against the slave masters.  All this shitty metal overdoing the “evil” themes.  We have enough EVIL.  Can it be more evil than NESTLE postulating that drinking water is not a human right and having workers die for shit wages while practicing slavery?  So this is the HEROIC.  The mortal enemy of EVIL.  I also “explore” the possibility of magic and sorcery as an alternative to our modern plight.


  1. What’s your songwriting process?


What everyone wants to know so they can make a buck am I right?  The so called “process” is unknown even to me.  These songs seem to manifest themselves.  



  1. Which songs are you looking forward to playing live?


            All of the songs are of equal validity.  All important pieces of a great                 

            sculpture as it were.


  1. What plans do you have for the future?





Dungeon Wolf

Dungeon Wolf-Slavery Or Steel Review

Hidden Dreams starts with a snaking riff, with a little tremolo, it progresses into an interesting rocker, moving and shifting, dancing across the board, the vocals have some energy to them, and you get the feeling this is just the beginning. Last Alive begins slowly and thoughtfully, it then gets heavier, and the real sense of something dark approaching is reached with the instrumentation shifting and changing. Slavery Or Steel is fast paced, filled with energy and a slight turn of phrase. Boarderlands is slower, more reflective with a hint of energy and darkness to it.

While The Gods Laugh begins with discordant harmonisation, the guitars painting the image of some sort of darkness rising from the surface to terrify them all, it continues down this path, never quite picking up in the manner that it hints at. Dark Child is a continuation of the themes, and the melodies, an interesting and quirky number. Worker Metal Might is a nice little call to arms and a dancing tune. Lord of Endless Night is slow and thumping.

The album is out on 7th September via Iron Shield Records.