Dunbarrow-II Review


“On Your Trail,” provides some interesting edges. The guitar riffs are leading the song, dancing around the darkness, whilst the vocals provide some serious clarity to what’s happening. “Please Let Me Be,” slowly builds into something epic. It snarls around the darkness, edging along whilst the melodies come out full blast, ensuring the listener is hooked. “Weary Lady,” a rocker with a classic riff in tow, ensuring that the band’s talents are fully on display. “Ode to The Moon,” a song with different elements within it. Jazz, metal, and soaring melodies. “Feberdrom,” has the acoustic harmonies down pat, whilst shifting and turning at once and on different occasions shifting through the lines.

“The Wolf,” is a bluesy doom epic, with the riffs providing some fascinating clarity whilst dancing on the edge of reason. “The Demon Within,” swaggers around luring the listener in with an enticing melody. “Witches Of The Woods,” a song filled with energy and a driving rhythm that enables the vocals to really shine through. “On This Night,” a fitting finale that edges around and shines through with epic hooks.

The album is out on 28th September via RidingEasy.