Drawn and Quartered

Drawn and Quartered-The One Who Lurks Review


Nefarious Rites, the opening song on the new Drawn and Quartered record begins with some seriously heavy riffage, overlaid with guttural growls and screams from hell. It moves into a steady beat, pounding away as the monster of hell growls. Ravage The Cadaver is pounding and headbang worthy, with a juicy riff filled with energy and bite. Horned Shadows Rise is pounding, from the riffs to the drum beats, all of it creates one massive edge of carnage. Deliverance To The Worms is brutal, the guitars and drums combine together to make one hell of an episode.

Temples Of Arcane Devotion saunters through, creating chaos and uncertainty in the listener’s mind as to where the metal starts and the insanity stops. Carnal Transmigration moves, shakes and shimmers through, building and growling everything from start to finish. The One Who Lurks is discordant, and frightening as a result. Portals of Communion is fierce, pounding riffage and snarling vocals to finish things up.

The album is out on 27th July via Krucyator Productions.