Doghouse Swine

Doghouse Swine-Hifi Music For Lowfi Kids Review

“I Want My Pto,” a shouter and a snarling rocker. Filled with the grooves and bites that make rock and roll so great. “Dangerous,” another song that kicks things into gear delivering a solid punch to the gut. “Fearless,” slowly but with growing intensity brings the thunder. “All Is Fair In Love and War,” dances from the start and the side, with the guitars dancing on edge and shimmering around the lines. “My Ex Sucks,” is a feel good jibe, producing biting lines and sarcastic melodies. “Born In The Hole,” has elements of Motorhead within it and certainly captures the imagination with the vocal hook.

“I’m Suffocated,” contains even more hints of Motorhead’s influence, if dances along at a blistering pace and produces some big old swaggering and snarling melodies. “Shoot For The Moon,” dances on the edge of reason. Swaggering on the bass, and heavy on the vocal swagger it is definitely a song that will get some traction when performed live. “I Am Man,” is the calm before the storm, starting off slowly, before slowly moving into overdrive. “Out Of Time,” another blistering serenade on the emotions. “Carl’s Theme,” swaggering and sarcastic.

The album is out on September 18th via Sliptrick Records.