Divine Ascension

Divine Ascension-The Uncovering Review

The Uncovering 3000.jpg

“Evermore,” is a bouncing, thrilling journey, taking things into a different space. The vocals shine through, they are sweeping and emphatic. “The Fallen,” allows the guitars to show off, and boy do they deliver. Some serious ass whooping goes on here, with a thump there, and a riff here. “Prisoner,” is a heavy monster of a song that takes things down to the ground and builds it back up again. “Pursuit of Desire,” is a soaring epic, taking things onto the next level, instrumentally and with some serious vocal work. “New World,” is fast moving and dancing around the periphery, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go.

“Revolution Phase,” is enchanting, hooking in the listener with some seriously captivating vocal work. “Beyond The Line,” keeps things moving, shifting between fast to destructive and back again, relatively easily. “One Step From Here,” another song that keeps things moving, with added soaring harmonies and vocal movement. “Bittersweet Divide,” works in the chains and allows the vocals to soar. “Vultures,” a song that keeps moving and grooving throughout.

The album is out on November 16th via Black Lodge.