Dirge-Ah Puch Review

DIRGE-COVER-LARGE with logsss9o.jpg

“Invoking The Demigod,” haunting, ethereal and downright terrifying in parts. The perfect opener, and a fitting way for listeners to get to know Dirge. “Montezuma’s Revenge,” thunders into place, with a growling and snarling riff-melody combination. “Swamp of Blood,” another song that delivers finely kept power and grace. The guitars hover around and dance from one side to the next.

“The Dilemma,” a slower more thoughtful number, and one that is sure to get the crowds going. Filled with little pieces of trivia and expert chaos. “La Malinche,” a song that pounds and thunders into being. The vocals roar. “Corpse of Cortez,” a song that brings epicness and melody right to the fore, and drives everything through.

The album is out on 19th October via Independent.