Dire Peril

Dire Peril-The Extraterrestrial Compendium Review


“Hunter Culture,” opens with a duelling guitar melody, building into something much grander and epic. The epicness comes with a barrelling riff and a soaring vocal performance. “Planet Preservation,” a duelling masterpiece, with mosh worthy riffage and some interesting vocal melodies, truly a song for a live performance. “Enemy Mine,” mixes the orient with some fascinating melodies. It shimmers and shines and produces something on a grand perspective. “The Visitor,” is softer, slowly edging on the way to powerful delivery. “Total Recall,” picks up the pace once more, delivering a sledgehammer and snarling its way through. The tricks are all laid out nicely for those to see. “Queen Of The Galaxy,” a song that is filled with harmonies galore is truly an interesting number.

“Roughnecks,” pounds its way into being, snarling and tearing through established norms. It slithers and shakes, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Blood In The Ice,” slowly begins to weave its way through the sound. Acoustic guitar melodies give way to some truly powerful harmonies and riff work. “Heart Of The Furyan,” is a epic construction moving from one slow melody into darkness and groove without effort whatsoever. “Altair IV,” is a powerful menace to the fore, swinging its way this and that, producing something that is simply epic. “Always Right Here,” a slower number that produces melodies and pieces that groove and swing with ease, the vocals truly take the lead here. “Journey Beyond The Stars,” a song that creeps with ease and niceness, with the instruments in perfect sync with the vocals.

The album is out on 9th November via Divebomb Records.