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“Alea JACTA Est,” is a good opener, it sets the tone just right, allowing the listener a chance to soothe their way into the proceedings without worrying about being blown away immediately. “Become God,” is an epic number, with a soaring riff and a pouncing vocal melody that just displays epicness. “Dimorfia,” continues the trend and delivers a sharp hell raising performance. “Fatal Final Kiss,” a song that mixes melody with darkness to produce something extraordinary. “Fear,” a riff monster.

“Signs of the Fall,” continues this proceeding, with a sledgehammer and ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Stand As One,” is an anthem and a half, delivered with good quality melodies. “Utopia.” slowly works its way in and shapes the communication. “Witch In Veil White,” is an interesting song combining primal elements with darker metal grooves it shapes the new discussion.