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Diamond Head- The Coffin Train


Diamond Head. The name brings forth all sorts of images. They’re one of the leading bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, they were screwed by the industry and brought back through sheer hard work and determination and a helping hand from the Metal Gods Metallica. They’re one of the most influential bands in metal, and their new album The Coffin Train shows why.

“Belly Of The Beast,” the first single on the record starts with the train moving and soon begins with the riffs of heaven ringing out from Brian Tatler’s guitar. There’s a furious energy to the song epitomised by the way that Ras, the vocalist spits the words and the way the chorus hits the listener like an absolute hammer. A great opener. “The Messenger,” has a bit more of that classic feel to it, a grooving opening riff, that soon powers through into darker and heavier waters. The shredding guitars lend themselves nicely to the powering message of the vocals which are delivered as if from the pulpit. “The Coffin Train,” is the title track of the record. It starts off slowly, with a clean guitar intro, when the drums kick into gear, the vocals enter there is a very clear sense that something major is about to happen. The song very slowly moves up a gear, and ventures into epic territory. A must for live performance. “Shades Of Black,” pounds itself away, bringing new life and energy into proceedings. It very slowly becomes clear that this is a song that is going be a mover and shaker, just like Starcrossed was. A song that veers one way and then the next. Simply excellent. “The Sleeper,” begins with a fascinating little prelude which gradually builds into something more. That something more is haunting and epic, simply weaving together the power of Ras’ vocals and the intuition of the guitar playing.

“Death By Design,” another classic that could’ve fit onto the White Album. This song shreds from the beginning and mixes together all the elements that are so essential to producing something truly magnificent. “Serrated Love,” is bluesy, with that added hook that reminds me so much of “Sucking My Love,” truly an epic song with nice little twists and turns thrown in for good measure. “The Phoenix,” slows things down a little. Adding in elements that shift and change, bringing about a fascinating little mix, before moving into overdrive and bringing home the gold. “Until We Burn,” finishes things off slowly shredding its way through to completion.

The Coffin Train is a simply epic album. Do yourselves a favour, get this album when it comes out on May 24th via Silver Lining.

Cairo Son, Dead Man's Whiskey, Diamond Head

Diamond Head With Guests Live @ 02 Academy Islington, Review.

On Wednesday 6th December 2017, the masses converged on the O2 Academy, Islington, to watch three great bands give it everything they had.  It is often said that rock and metal music are not long left for this world, that the general public especially young people just aren’t interested. This gig proved why people who make such comments are uninformed, and should really venture into the realms to which they offer such free nonsense.

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Dead Man’s Whiskey was the first band on stage, and they were the best openers I’ve ever seen. Performing balls to the wall heavy music, with bite, and snarling tooth grins, music that made the head move and the feet tap. Their riffage and their vocalist got the crowd going, and ensuring that everything was suitably warmed up. Some shredding solos ensured that they would be remembered forevermore, keep an eye out on these guys, they’re going places!

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Next, to grace, the stage was Cairo Son. Hailing from London, by way of Germany and Egypt and Poland, they delivered a swelling of doom, ballsy rock and good time blues, that got people moving.  They benefitted from the crowd’s first taste of quality rock in Dead Man’s Whiskey. There was singing, headbanging and even the odd mosh pit as things continued.  The end of their set was met by demands for more, another band to keep an eye on.

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The final band of the night were the band that for me changed everything. I was thirteen the first time I heard Am I Evil on a terrible speaker somewhere in Dundee, Scotland, and I never forgot it. Diamond Head have influenced countless bands and musicians over the years, most prominently Metallica. For me, getting to see them was a dream come true, there was a sense of anticipation as their crew moved gear around and set things up, then their intro music came on. As soon as Ras, the vocalist stepped on, the crowd went wild. Starting with Shout At The Devil, and finishing with Sucking My Love, Diamond Head delivered punch after punch. They got mosh pits going for Helpless, Its Electric, The Prince and Shoot Out The Lights.  They showed why they are rightly considered one of the greatest bands to ever come out of Britain. When Am I Evil started, the crowd lost its collective mind. Singing, mosh pits, headbanging, all of it was around and plentiful.

A great night of metal, and one that will never be forgotten in my mind. Brilliant, and showing that metal and rock is alive and well, kicking and screaming, teeth bared, snarl firmly in place. Just as it should be.




Diamond Head

Diamond Head Interview- Ras Anderson


On Wednesday, 6th December, I had the chance to fulfil a childhood dream of mine. I got to see one of the greatest metal bands on Earth play live. Diamond Head, the founders of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, the guys who inspired Lars Ulrich and Metallica and Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. I attended their show at the 02 Academy in Islington, London, and before the show had the chance to interview their singer Ras. Below is the interview:


1. What inspired the name of the band, and what were your influences, are they the same now?

“Brian, came up with the name of the band, I believe he had an album poster on his wall in his childhood home, that said Diamond Head and he thought that was a pretty cool name, and so that ended up as the band’s name. As for influences, well, it varies really, Zeppelin, Sabbath, are two obvious ones, for me more personally, Freddie Mercury, Soundgarden, Chris Cornell was an amazing vocalist, and I absolutely love what he did on Jesus Christ Superstar.”

2.  You’ve got a new album out, it’s been out for about a year now, could you talk us through the writing and recording process?

“I know that Brian was somewhat uncertain about recording a new album after the last one before this one, due to the fact that there were a lot of different issues that might impede such a process. After I joined and we went out on tour in 2014, I sat down with Brian and said I’d really love to do a record, so he handed me a CD with about 40 riffs on them, that I worked through, with a bit of producer’s hat on. I narrowed it down to the songs that I thought were the best ones, and I said to Brian that we should record it with all the guys present, like they did back in the day. I wanted to make a record that stayed true to the heritage of the band, but was also progress from that. We paid for all the recording and then we signed with Dissonance, who’ve been great in promoting the record.”

3. What are your favourite songs to play live?

“I’ve got to say The Prince, because of the amount of raw energy there is from the crowd that feedback to us. It’s brilliant. I also love playing some of the songs from the new record, such as Shout at The Devil, which is killer to sing live.”

4.  You joined the band in 2014, and Diamond Head obviously has a lot of history behind it, was there any pressure on you?

Yes and no. There was pressure that I put on myself to keep the band’s heritage and legacy intact, and to ensure that we delivered the goods, for the fans. But other than that no.”

5. What plans have you got for the future?

“We’re going to be touring a bit in the new year, and after the positive response to the last album we’ve decided to record another album. I can’t reveal much about it just yet, but we hope to have it out next year. One song on it that I’m really liking is called Belly Of The Beast.”