Diabol Boruta

Diabol Boruta- Czary Review

“Czary Intro” is classic  folk takes, with the right elements to make everything all the more succinct and interesting. “Czary” is jagged and brutal, bringing with it some fascinating twists and turns, the vocals are fierce and on point. “Zaklecie,” is right to the point, brutal and jagged, with an added edge of heaviness and grit. “Studnia,” is slower, more of a groove than a slant. “Golem,” is slower and reflective, with a high energy deliverance. “Krolestwo,” moves with energy and regard, bringing about some interesting melodical shifts and changes.

“Znadjz,” is fierce and upright, bringing energy and grace to the fore. “Niewolnik,” moves slowly, on the tide, never quite settling and also never quite breaking speed. “Duch Wiatru,” is jagged and forceful, not slowing down, nor moving without swiftness. “Lipka,” heaviness incarnate and delivering force and grift. “Slave,” has the right elements of heaviness and power to make an interesting divergence. “Kingdom Of No Heaven,” moves within reach and breaks through the divergences.

The album is out on January 25th.