Devils Gun

Devils Gun-Sing For Chaos


“Killer Machine,” starts things off with a maddening riff, sneaking in and out like a snarling monster. The vocals shriek rage their way into being. “Tear Down The Wall,” brutalises the listener’s ear drums, bringing about a perfect combination of rock and pure grit. “To The Devil,” thumps along nicely, with some interesting little croaks and shrieks. “Lights Out,” is another thundering pounder, taking things from one level to the next. “Sing For The Chaos,” starts off with a duelling acoustic melody, before it shifts gears and produces something quite fascinating.

“Electrical Shock,” a pounding grit machine that thunders into being and destroys everything in its path. “Queen of Destruction,” kicks things off with a solid one two jab and keeps going as the adrenaline kicks into gear. “Alligator Fuck House,” just grooves and busts some serious ass. “Bad To The Bone,” is a monster of a song, coming in with some serious attitude.

The album is out on 12th April via Black Lodge.