Deiquisitor-Downfall Of The Apostates Review


Veterans of the Danish metal scene, Deiquisitor spring to life with Atom Synthesis a song that is filled with crushing riffs and somewhat sharp vocals. The title track is furious, riff charged and brutal. Faint Distorted Images follows a similar pattern bringing distorted rhythms to the fore. Tetrad Of Lunar Eclipses is a marching song, simple and to the point. The Order of Pegasus Light is brutal. The guitars and vocals reinforce this.

Metatron beats down like a ten-tonne hammer, the riffs are filled with sludge and the vocals are brutal. The Magnificence Of is a compelling little song that veers between sheer heaviness and some hint of melody. Planetary Devastation is business as usual. War On The Gods mixes casual death riffs with piercing thrash accuracy.

Fans of death metal will love this album. Be sure to get it now via Dark Descent Records.