Defiatory Interview

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  • What inspired the name of the band and what influenced your sound and style?


The name Defiatory derives from the word Defiant, a good pointer to the music and our stand regarding the ways of the world. When the band was formed with the intent to play thrash metal, we knew that we wanted to go to the roots of the Bay Area scene and add our own touch. The end result is a nice mixture of the giants of that old era of thrash and the various influences we all have picked up from other genres and bands along the way.



  • How did you approach writing and recording for this album?


Main difference this time around was that we were all involved in the creation of everything, where as on the first album it was more of a single line process. This time everyone brought their ideas and riffs to the mix and we merged it into the end result.



  • What themes are explored on this album?


War, death and various aspects of Hell.



  • How do you approach live performances?


Same as most bands. We intensify rehearsals before an upcoming gig and then enter the stage with the intent to leave a crater where the gig took place.



  • What plans do you have for the future?


We’re aiming to play more live shows to keep promoting this album until we feel ready to lock ourselves down in the studio for album number three. In the end it’s the road that calls strongest, so the more we can play live, the more energy we will build up for the next recording.


Defiatory-Hades Rising Review

Cover Defiatory Hades Rising.jpg

Hailing from Sweden, Defiatory pack a massive punch, the thrash metal band are here with some solid goods.

In Hell is a chaotic melodious journey through hell, aptly the rhythms and the guitars are distorted, jagged and furious, the vocals bring plenty of energy to the fore and things really get going as the verses move through themselves. Dance of The Dead is furious, a song that brings classic thrash riffs, solid rhythms and biting vocals. Expect many a mosh to this song. King In Yellow is slightly slower, more haunting, and definitely darker, the band has gone all out on this one. Stronger Than God is fast, break-neck moshing thrash, with a dancing rhythm that is sure to get the crowd going. Death Take Us All is pounding, the metal that will create mosh pits, the guitars are on fire throughout the song. Morningstar is an epic classic thrash song, built on ferocious melodies, sharp clacking riffs and a binding lyrical message.

Down To His Kingdom Below is fast, furious and chaotic, the guitars are in sync with one another, the melodies are pure thrash and the darkness of the lyrical content comes across perfectly. Metatron is furious, a moshing song for sure. Bane of Creation dances on the edge of simplicity and singularity and wins easily. All That Remains is a furious collection of riffs, dancing jaggedness in the melodies and pure unadulterated metal. Hades Rising is fast, furious, chaotic, and most definitely a thrash classic in the making.

The album is out on May 11th via Black Lion Records, be sure to get it!